Home Milling


We offer a FREE milling service for our CSA members, available seven days a week at Wheatberry: 321 Main St., Amherst MA 01002 and at Waltham Fields Community Farm in Waltham, MA.

However if you would like to purchase your own home mill, there are many options available.


Buying Your Own Mill

Personal home mills are convenient for the frequent miller.  There are many options that range from hand mills to wooden stone mills.  Our experience has shown that these are the best options:


Komo is a German mill company that produces the highest quality home mills on the market today.  Komo is the brand of mill that is available for free use at Wheatberry.  They are also available through our Amazon store.


The slightly more economical choice is the Nutrimill also available through our Amazon store.  This is an electric mill that has settings to produce both coarse and finely ground flours.


Handmills can also be found online through Nova Natural, Amazon, Google, or many other sites.  They can range from 40-500 dollars.  They are good for milling small amounts of grain at a time.

“We bought a Lehman’s brand hand mill. It’s cheap and does a good job, although it does take a fair amount of work! (As do all hand mills, I imagine).  I usually run the grain through on a medium grind, sift it, then run the bigger pieces through again on a fine grind, then sift out the bran (or not, depending on what I’m using it for). To sift it I use a regular mesh kitchen strainer.” -Caroline, CSA member