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Works in Progress Wed – the growing list . . .

The to-do list around here (home, farm and bakery) is getting pretty long. . . in the best sort of way. A pasture fence to finish, a compost pile to spread The beginning of shawl for my grandmother – pretty funky yarn, I know, but she’ll totally love it. (And thank you, Mom, for handing […]

Kitchen Prayer

Found this and wanted to share it!  And this reminds me that I want to read their book, too . . . This is a blessing for a restaurant kitchen that I plan to hang up in our bakery, but I think it applies to a home kitchen as well, and really to any place […]

Gratitude Friday

This week, I’m grateful for our first nature table – welcome Autumn! awesome new window crayons from Stockmar – so fun! the gorgeous weather, the vibrant leaves, the corn harvest almost ready to come in, a dinner of delicata squash, apples, and kale . . . and on and on. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Work in Progress Wed

Works in progress . . . I have sort of a ridiculous number of projects on my knitting needles right now.  This one is a birthday present . . . Now that we’re not spending every spare moment harvesting beans, we have some time for things like harvesting our own beans fixing the plough building […]

The Red Bowl

Folks, I’ve got to admit I’m a bit nervous about this.  But here goes.  In one phase of my life, pre-bakery and pre-Mama, I was a pretty active poet.  I’m still an occasional poet, but it’s been quite some time since I stood in front of an audience.  This poem, from years ago, has been […]

The Many Faces of “Landrace” Corn

Pictured above is 3 varieties of corn being grown for the CSA shares this season. The big yellow guys are “Early Riser”, the tiny red ones are “Strawberry Popcorn”, and all of the multicolored corn forming the arc is “Mandan Bride”. The corn will be ready for harvest in the next 2-4 weeks depending on […]

Welcoming fall . . .

preparing for winter And what could I do today, except harvest more beans at home? Ella’s quote of the day, at the dinner table.  “What is sourdough bread?”  Well, dear, we’re so glad you asked . . .

Putting the C in CSA

(The fabulous bean harvest crew from Monday’s event) (a bouquet from Sunday’s sewing bee) Have we mentioned that we love you, our shareholders, supporters, friends, our community? We do. Today’s bean harvesting party started out a bit depressing.  It was discouraging that we had to have a bean harvesting party at all – the combine […]

Grain bags!

OK folks, here’s the low down on making grain bags.  Each full share will need 10 large bags and 4 small bags.  Each half share needs 14 small bags.  You could use mason jars instead – the advantage of the bags is that they breathe, which will allow the grains to continue curing (this is […]

gratitude friday

Thankful for ::  the fabulous Eric Carle Museum, where they currently have the original Pooh illustrations – so sweet! ::  the child-sized everything there, including the bathroom sink, and a girl big enough to wash up by herthelf :: new yarn, new projects ::  stripey tights! :: the beauty of the rain Have a lovely […]