Signups for the 2014 CSA shares are now open!

We have a big change coming in 2014 – customizable shares.  Starting this year, you will still sign up for a full share or a half share, and then once the harvests are in, we’ll tell you the crops and you can choose how much you want of each one.  Sweet!


We are two local food lovers, who started our careers working in professional kitchens and created Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe in Amherst, MA.  In 2008, inspired by our experiences as bakers and as small farmers, we started working with local farmers to grow local grains, and created the PVHG CSA to bring those grains right to the tables of families in our communities.


Here’s info from last year’s share, to help you imagine what a share is like, and what crops our farmers grow.

A full 2013 share ($380) was two bushels (about 115lbs), made up of 8-10 different locally grown organic grain crops.

A half share ($230) is half of the above

Below is a list of crops being grown this year. (Each year 80%+ of the crops come in but success varies by season.)

Planted for this year so far…

  • Red Lammas Wheat (heirloom)
  • Arapaho Wheat
  • Nothstine Dent Corn
  • Plymouth Flint Corn
  • Mandan Bride Corn
  • Black Turtle Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Arikara Beans (heirloom)
  • Popcorn
  • Rye
  • Heritage Spelt
  • Emmer (Known as Farro in Italy)
  • Barley


Unmilled grains should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid spoilage.  We recommend plastic bins or glass jars with loose lids to allow air in.  You don’t need anything that special – just a regular kitchen cupboard or counter!


  • Grains are given to members unmilled for keeping quality
  • Milling is available 7 days a week Wheatberry Bakery or Waltham Fields Community Farm.
  • or a home sized mills can be used and cost between $50 and $200.  Click here to visit our store, which has recommended mills and more!

Questions? Contact us at wheatberryma@gmail.com


2013 pickups were:

Each member picks up their entire share on either date. Please make sure you or someone you know can pick up your share before signing up.

Amherst area pick up location

Shares will be distributed at Pioneer Valley Cohousing in North Amherst on Saturday December 14th from 10 am – 2 pm.  Pioneer Valley Cohousing is located at 120 Pulpit Hill Road, Amherst, MA.

Boston area pick up location

Shares will be distributed at Waltham Fields Community Farm in Waltham, MA on Saturday December 7th from 11 am – 3 pm. Directions to the Waltham pick-up can be found here.